Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mac Hey Sailor: Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

I actually bought a bright colored eyeshadow! Can you believe it? Me, the neutral eye girl! Honestly I could not resist, Feeling Fresh e/s is probably the only one that really interested me from this collection. This green shade just pops among the pretty neutrals from this collection and I had to have it. 

I am obsessed with the packaging of this lipstick (yes i always say that about special packaging but it really is amazing) This Summer's big collection, Hey Sailor! is decked out with a nautical theme that could not be cuter. A blue and white nautic stripe pattern surround the traditional eyeshadow pot and with the Mac logo emblazed in an antique gold. The actual product box comes in the same stripe packaging with a red inner lining. 

Mac describes this as a bright green and I think that is a really close description. Feeling Fresh is a bright true grass green shade with a frost finish. This color is what I wanted Mac’s Jealousy Wakes e/s (which I do not own) to be...GREEN! I think that this is an amazing and unique color especially from Mac.

This eye-shadow is listed as a frost finish but it doesn't feel like regular frosts. In fact the texture of this eyeshadow feels quite similar to Mac's Veluxe Pearl finishes. The texture of this shadow is drier than the Veluxe Pearl finish only when I got pass the initial layer did I really encounter this dryness. This is an amazing shadow to work with. It swatched amazingly smooth and pigmented with only a little product required. I love the pigmentation of this eyeshadow, what you see is what you get with this one. I was very impressed by the color payoff without a primer. I can only anticipate how gorgeous the color payoff will be with a primer, since I haven't worn this on the eyes yet. I will also have to get back to you on performance since I have not found the time to test this yet. But Mac shadows in my opinion tend to wear very good with little to no fade and creasing. 


Though this shadow feels very dry to the touch. It did apply well to the lids. I used Mac's Painterly paintpot and the color payoff was superb when I applied to the lid using the Mac 239. Blending took a little more effort but I was able to blend well. 

Swatches on Dark Skin (Nc45)
These swatches don't do justice to this shadow.

What do you think about this shadow? Are you feeling
 "Feeling Fresh"? 


  1. I love this shade but I skipped it cuz I didn't like how it swatched :( I wanna see how it applies on the lids

  2. i thought that it swatched nice. will do a look with it soon

  3. Replies
    1. thanks marsha thats what drew me to it...the color

  4. I love that color, did you get any other products from this collection?

    1. nope just this and Sail La Vie lipstick (see previous post) but now i'm itching for a bronzer...

  5. Replies
    1. its really pretty despite the dryness. Vivid and bright! Hope you get it



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