Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instagram (plus photos) and Other ways to follow Blush Happy

Hey Blushers! I know I haven't been posting to my blog in a while and I do apologize. Today I just want to share a few new ways that you can keep up with Blush Happy, the most exciting of which is Instagram. I love Instagram (i think I'm obsessed). Its so easy to use and I just love sharing little snapshots of my life. I also love getting a glimpse into the lives of others through amazing photos. You can find me by searching for blushhappy. I'm also on Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Facebook and Beautylish. I will leave all the links below for you guys. So don't be a stranger, pick your favorite way to stay connected with me! 

Instagram: blushhappy
Facebook: Blush Happy
Pinterest: Chantel Arneaud
Polyvore: Chantel-a
Twitter: Blush Happy
Beautylish: Chantel A

I thought I would share a few recent makeup related photos from my Instagram with you guys...

If you guys are on any of these sites feel free to leave your links below. I would be happy to follow! 

Talk to you guys soon...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Manicure of the Moment: Sinful Colors Boogie Nights

I think by now you guys know that i have an obsession with the color coral and its actually becoming quite worse lol. On a trip to Wonderful World I saw this gorgeous orange coral polish and just had to have it. I think I would have gotten this just for the name alone! Boogie Nights is such a cute name for a polish right!

What i really love about this polish is that it sort of marries two of this summer's biggest color trends in one: orange and coral. Most corals I own, nail polish and otherwise, tend to lean pink. Boogie Nights is like nothing I own with its orange base. This polish is a creme finish which is my favorite type of polish finish. It goes on pretty sheer but 2-3 coats is enough for nearly opaque coverage. One thing to note though is that this polish does show nail lines especially in my case where my tips have natural white coloring. 

Overall I love this shade and highly recommend it this Summer. Boogie Nights is a perfect polish for boogieing those Summer Nights away!

Coral Polish and Love,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mac Heavenly Creatures Haul

Hey guys, this is just a quickie post to share with you guys the items that I picked up from Mac's Heavenly Creatures collection. I picked up two mineralize skinfinishes and one lipstick. 
I've been really into highlighters lately so I just had to get some of the new msfs from this collection. I got Star Wonder Msf (plumy pink with multidimensional pearl) and Center of the Universe msf (coral with gold shimmer) Both are gorgeous and lets not get started on the swirls. I swear I could stare at them all day! I also got Cut-a-Caper lipstick which is a gorgeous coral pink. 

Mac Center of the Universe Msf

Mac Star Wonder Msf

I swatched almost everything from this collection in store and they are all gorgeous. I really think that I will be going back and adding more products from this collection to my own. Btw brown skin beauties do not sleep on Earthshine msf, it is fabulous on brown skin! 

Full Review and Swatches of these products coming soon as usual, so keep a look out. 

Did you get anything from this collection? Let me know in the comments! 
Till next time,

Friday, July 6, 2012

Obsessed Vol 1: My Payless Gold Glitter Flats

Hey guys, Happy Friday!! Today I want to introduce you guys to a new feature on my blog which is going to be my "OBSESSED" series, where i will be sharing any and everything that I'm currently obsessed with! If you know me you know that I use the word obsessed pretty darn frequently, so this is just going to be an outlet for me to share my little obsessions with those of you who are interested! If you guys remember I tried doing favorites posts but I'm just not very consistent and a few things always end up in my monthly favs. This way I get to share my obsessions anytime and they dont have to be limited to just products. Ok enough rambling! This first "Obsessed" post is going to be all about my Payless Glitter Ballet Flats!

I am seriously obsessed with these. Honestly, Glitter is my favorite color so when I saw these I just fell in love. I've had my eyes on these since Christmas but I was never really a ballet flat type of girl until recently. Aside from a pair of black with leopard detail flats these were my second pair of flats. 

Ok so as I said earlier these are from Payless and I paid only TT$150. They are from Lower East Side and is in the style "Chelsea". They come in black glitter, silver glitter and gold glitter. These are the gold ones and are so comfy and cute. I love the way that they immediately add sparkle and glitz to any outfit without sacrificing comfort. I literally wear these everywhere! They are also pretty strong as well. They have gotten wet several times in the crazy rainy weather we have been having lately and have never given any indication of distress. 

Here's what they look like on my feet and you can also find photos of me wearing these in my last outfit post HERE.

By the way, did you guys know that these are a dead on dupe of the glitter flats from Steve Madden. I actually saw the Steve Madden pair at West Mall while wearing my Payless ones. They were identical except that the Steve Madden pair cost TT$500 while the Payless dupes cost a mere TT$150. These are definitely a look for less. A penny saved is a penny saved right. Here is a photo of the Steve Madden pair. 

Overall I really love these and I dont think that you have to spend alot of money on something that you want. Just as long as you love it!

Would you wear these glitter flats? Are you a ballet flat kinda girl? Be sure to let me know in the comments! 

Love and Glitter shoes, 

Mac Fashion Sets- Pink Nouveau Lipglass Review and Swatches

Mac recently came out with their Fashion Sets collection that took all of the best selling lipsticks and created matching lipglosses and nail polishes. I had initially given up on getting anything from this collection since I thought that it would not be available here in Trinidad. Lo and behold, I walk into Mac one day looking for the Hey Sailor collection and saw the Fashion Sets for Latin America, I nearly died. The Sets assigned to this region included the Pink Nouveau, Russian Red, Girl about Town, Impassioned, Morange, Please me and Snob sets. 
If you know me then you know I love Pink Nouveau. Its my go-to "look at me pink" so when i heard there was a matching lipgloss I just had to have it. Pink Nouveau because its a satin finish also has a tendency to be a bit drying so a matching gloss is a godsend. 

This Lipglass comes in the standard Mac lipglass packaging which features a clear plastic tube with a black screw top with attached toe-foot applicator. Mac lipglasses are $130 TT.

This lipgloss is a bright blue-toned bubble gum pink that is very similar to the lipstick. Its actually a bit milkier than the lipstick but I still think that Mac really did a great job coordinating this set. You can find my review on Pink Nouveau lipstick here. 

Mac Pink Nouveau Lipglass and Lipstick (with and without flash)

This lipglass is very well pigmented and almost opaque. It does have a tendency to settle slightly into lines but nothing major. Like all mac lipglasses it has a thick, creamy and sticky formula that helps with wear time. I actually really despise the stickiness of Mac lipglasses and is the reason I dont buy mac's lipglasses. This ofcourse is a personal choice and this may not bother some at all. This lipglass lasts about 2 hours on me. 

Pink Nouveau Lipglass without flash
Pink Nouveau Lipglass with flash
Pink Nouveau Lipglass and Lipstick worn together without flash

Me wearing this Pink Nouveau Lipglass
Pink Nouveau Lipglass without and with flash
Pink Nouveau Lipglass and lipstick without and with flash


If you are a fan of Mac lipglosses or of Mac's Pink Nouveau lipstick then I highly reccomend getting this one. Its the perfect bright barbie pink gloss. 

Did you get any of the new lipglasses to match your favorite Mac lipstick? What do you think of them?

Love and Barbie pink lipgloss

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish/Highlighters: Superb and Glorify: Review and Swatches

Ok I know that this post is long over due especially since I've had these for weeks and they are all sold out now. But better late than never right. I picked up two of the three Skinfinishes/Highlighters from the Extra Dimension collection, Superb and Glorify. Initially i just wanted Superb but when I swatched them I was blown away by the formula of these and got Glorify as well. Whisper of Gilt is just as gorgeous but I skipped since i felt that it was similar to Albatross from Nars. 


I think that this was $23US and I paid $250 TT. In my opinion the price is very steep but you also do get alot of product for your money. They both have 9g of product.


Mac's Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/highlighters come in MAC's standard black packaging similar to their blushes but larger like their msfs and comes with a clear plastic insert to help protect it. Unlike Mac's regular msf's that are dome shaped, these are flat with an embossed wave design complete with Mac's logo. 



Superb is an amazing Rose gold shade (light peach-gold). I have nothing like this and am really happy i decided to get this. I love wearing this with pink and peachy pink blushes. 

Glorify is a beautiful golden bronze. It literally looks as though you melted bronze in a compact. Just gorgeous. This looks amazing as a highlighter, blush or bronzer especially on brown beauties. I love pairing this with Mac's Format blush for that super bronze goddess look. 

The texture of these is one that is difficult to describe and has to be felt to really understand it but ill try. Both of these products have a very satiny and silky feel compared to some other skinfinishes from Mac that have a gritty texture. They are dry but not powdery  if that makes sense. What I love about these is that they are all sheen not glitter which help give it the silky consistency.


These skinfinishes/highlighters are amazingly pigmented, smooth and blend like a dream. You really need a light hand with these. I'm till experimenting with the right application method. So far I've stuck with my Real techniques contour brush. I recommend using a stipple brush or fan brush for those who are not fans of a heavy highlight. Because this product is so smooth it doesnt settle into lines or accentuate large pores like some other msf's that Mac has come out with. Mac claims that these last a total of ten hours on the face. I have not tested these for so long but they did last an incredible 8 hours with minimal fading.  They both leave a beautiful sheen on the face that gives the perfect glow. 

Mac Superb Highlighter
Mac Glorify Highlighter
As usual here are some photos of me wearing these highlighters

First up is Superb
Natural light

With Flash

And here's Glorify
Natural light

With Flash


I really recommend these even though they are now sold out. They are one of the best products that Mac has come out with in a long time. If you got these you know what I'm talking about.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What do you think about them?

Highlighter Love,


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